Review of Nikon D7600, price, release date, specifications

As long as Nikon d7600 is in development, we already have various rumors concerning specifications of the camera, price, and how long to wait for its release. Few people believed it but we were right: the fundamental change which isn’t still a characteristic of Nikon’s cameras of 7xxx series has been implemented in D7500 – vari-angle touchscreen.


Of course, the fact that the company skipped over its D7300 and D7400 series was completely unexpected. But still the name in comparison to the specifications is not so important, whether it is Nikon D7600, D7700 or even Galaxy S10, So let’s move on to a review of what’s really important.


Review of Nikon D7600

Nikon D7600 Release date, price, specs

So, it happens that after a big leap in the release of a new model, the next model often comes out almost exactly the same or they can improve ISO a little bit, add a couple of new amateur shooting modes or add a filming mode in a higher resolution but with a lot of limitations. D7500 was something new in the 7xxx series: a vari-angle touchscreen appeared, the frame rate per second went up by 2 (8 fps) in comparison with the predecessor, the buffer became noticeably larger, especially when shooting in jpeg, 4K video filming appeared etc. Nikon D7600 will not have such a significant number of changes, as D500 will lose sales.


Specifications of Nikon D7600

The former number of megapixels – 24 will be returned. For beginners it can be important, but in fact the difference in image quality is not visible to the naked eye, and the size of the raw image format report shooting, for example, will increase noticeably, which is not good.


The new model will have a new generation of processor – EXPEED 6, which is currently in development and any of models doesn’t have it. Despite the more productive processor, the shooting rate will be the same, and actually, it is high enough – 8 fps.

The autofocus module in Nikon D7600 will remain the same (Advanced Multi-Cam 3500 II DX). In fact, it is logically as it is necessary to change the auto focus module in case of increasing the speed of serial shooting. Of course, it would be possible to set Multi-Cam 20K as D5/D500 has, anyway there is no need in it, but the price will unreasonably increase. Therefore, we have 51-focus points as it was earlier.

second slot Nikon D7600
Many people were disappointed with a single slot for memory cards in the D7500. No matter how artificially Nikon company tried to cut down the functionality of its entry-level cameras that claims to be a reportage one, they should not have done this. If the memory card which isn’t cheap, by the way, can die every 2-3 years but you will never be sure of it. So, having just one slot you risk losing one or two shootings, someone’s important memories and after that you can have a bit spoilt reputation. There is no information whether the second slot will be returned to Nikon D7600 or not. Therefore, here is a piece of advice: set up the camera so that every shot taken will be sent directly to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Of course, you have to do much more in this case, especially as for charging power banks and batteries for all your devices, however, it will help you not to spoil your reputation.

Moreover, there is a possibility that Nikon will introduce the function of converting RAW to JPEG while sending photos to the phone, and then you will be able to save memory and especially the battery of the smartphone as well as of the camera. The body will remain a standard magnesium alloy, but not completely, in contrast to the main competitor – D500.


The clipboard in RAW-format will be increased from 50 to 65 frames. With a high-quality memory card, this is really a reporting level. And if you shoot in JPEG (even at the maximum possible speed – 8 fps), then there will be no problems, because the buffer will be approximately ~ 135 frames.



Nikon D7600 4K Video
4K video will now be available in 50p, 60p frame rates, which will allow you to shoot movies with the effect of slowing down the high quality. Moreover, the D7600 will no longer have a 1.3 cropping factor in UHD resolution and that will be good, hoping to have just 1.5 cropping factor with 30p.

The ISO limit will remain 1640000, but it does not care much comparing to the specifications with which you need to work, for example the range will be increased from 100-51200 to 100-102400. Of course, this is not a working ISO, but nevertheless it will also be higher in qualities. And of course, they will keep an advantage: a new minimum ISO value in the 7xxx series – 50, which is really necessary sometimes. A perfect match.

One of the important “returns” for fans of old models of lenses (such as 50mm 1.8d, 85mm 1.8D, etc.) can become the return of the aperture value reader, which was removed in the D7500.


Release date and price of Nikon D7600

The release date is at the end of 2019 at a price of $ 1300 with a body complete set.


Whether it is worth buying Nikon D7600?

If you are a professional, this paragraph isn’t for you as you’ll understand everything by yourself. If you are going to buy your first DSLR camera and you have enough money, then yes – definitely buy it. Within 2 years you won’t even think of changing to something new since the camera will cover the most of your needs. In our opinion, for owners of D7000, D7100 or D7200 it is better to save up money to D500. It will be a more sensitive upgrade with two memory cards that is quite usual for owners. Who knows whether D7600 will have even one of them (it’s marketing after all).



Now there is such a situation, especially difficult for beginners: some crop cameras of a high class have a higher price than full-frame ones of a low class. It happened that a photographer-beginner who does not have any experience in most cases thinks that the full-frame camera is definitely the best one to buy not looking at its specifications.

For example, if this were so, then experienced professionals would not pay much money for the camera worse than another for the same or less money. It’s like comparing a fork and a spoon, they are both meant to have a meal with, but for different kinds of food. To sum up, this is a camera for people who know exactly what and why they are buying this device.

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