Review of Canon EOS 5D Mark V, price, release date, characteristics

The release of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV in the autumn of 2016 pleased the photographers with many improvements and additional features, including 30.4 megapixel resolution, the use of Dual pixel CMOS AF technology, frame rate per second (7 frames per second), built-in WI-Fi, GPS etc. They did not forget about the videographer, adding the ability to record video in 4K, for the moment at a rate of 30 frames per second. Of course, the price is significantly higher in comparison to its predecessor (3,5K against 2,6K), but it is worth it. Luckily, in top-class cameras the line is updated when any characteristics can be improved or new features can be added, not like in the case with the Nikon D5600, D5700. Therefore, it is worth waiting for something interesting from the Canon EOS 5D Mark V when it enters the market.


Review of Canon EOS 5D Mark V

Canon Eos 5D Mark V

At the time of release, Mark IV took the second place after 5Ds/5Dsr among EOS DSLR cameras in the number of megapixels (30.4 after 50). A new model does not need more megapixels as 30.4 megapixels are more than enough in most cases. To record with the aim of advertising in a super high resolution there are elder brothers like 5Ds and 5Dsr which have 50 megapixels. Canon has a Digic processor 7 built-in in a DIL camera – EOS M5. This processor is likely to remain in EOS 5D Mark V. Accordingly, the color reproduction as well as the camera work as a whole will be improved.

Canon autofocus module is likely to be replaced by a new. Together with the Dual pixel CMOS technology is a big win both for taking photos and for recording videos. The same camera can focus in the range -4EV – 18EV, which will hit the target even in the very failing light.

ISO range will be 100-51,200 with expansion up to 204,800, which is also great with the extended range of autofocus.

Videorecording in a new 5D

The previous model “learned” to record video in 4K resolution at a speed of 30 fps, which is quite excellent to make simple video clips. If you want to record a video with a slowing-down effect, then it is hardly anything possible with fast moving objects. In Canon EOS 5D Mark V, the shooting speed will be 60 fps in 4K resolution, and Full HD will be 120 fps, which will give more opportunities for creative ideas. 8K resolution is unlikely to be in the novelty, even with 30 fps. The viewfinder from pentagonal prism – everything remains the same old way.

Of course, the new Canon 5D will have a touchscreen display like in the previous model. Just as you may remember, Mark 4 was the first camera to support the new Dual pixel Raw format, which no sooner did it appear, than it became a serious breakthrough for the long-term with few opportunities. Now Canon is rapidly developing this technology and every year it is going to be increasingly applied in practice.

Also, WI-Fi + NFC and GPS will migrate into a new model. If you had a Mark III before you bought the Mark V, then you will be pleased to have everything built in the camera and you do not have to carry bulky adapters with you, the price of which is not low.

The price of Canon EOS 5D Mark V and release date

The camera will be released in 2020. Such a long period between periods of entering the market is connected not with the complexity of developing new technologies, but with marketing reasons. If the camera is sold quite well, there is no point in releasing a new model, but it is worth making cheaper a well-sold model as everybody will prefer buying a cheaper one. Of course, there is still a competitive factor, supposing Nikon, Sony or Pentax will release a breakthrough camera, then sales of EOS 5D Mark V will fall dramatically. The price of the new model will be approximately $ 3700.

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