Review of Nikon D5700 release date, price, characteristics, and what to wait?


After Nikon D5600 had been released, which surpassed absolutely no expectations and became one of the flops of the company, there arose an issue as for characteristics of the next camera in the line – Nikon D5700 and if there is any sense in its release (it sounds as a rhetorical question, in any case nobody will ask about it).

Of course, the majority of professional photographers who shoot on their d750, D4, D810, etc. perhaps don’t even know either the names of the recent models of the previous line either anything of their characteristics. They don’t care as for this. They have already made their choice. However, newcomers, the number of which increases every year, become more and more selective in choosing the camera. They choose among Canon, Pentax, Sony, or the Nikon, and after such a release they begin to think. Even in 2012 Canon left Nikon behind with its touch screen, then in 2015 Canon released a 50-megapixel camera, invented and introduced a new auto focus system Dual pixel that has worked well and it also developed stuff alike. Therefore, it is likely that future cameras, lenses, technologies will also be ahead of Nikon. In general, the point is that after such heavy criticism, which dramatically collapsed on the company, the only way out to outperform the skeptics is a big leap in the Nikon D5700. What it can be and whether it will happen, let us try to predict again.


Review of Nikon D5700


As expected, today the reason for the release of the new model, which costs 100 dollars more compared to the previous one, is not just an improved image quality, not an increased operating ISO or a clipboard, but an installation of means of a connection to external devices (smartphones) or GPS for geotagging.

There is no sense in arguing as for the relevance and irrelevance of these innovations. It is not new that the future belongs to the cloud technology and all these “curve” means of synchronization is only the first step to something far-reaching and really worthwhile. But it is in the future and now it is so sad to follow announcing a new model of the camera of one of the largest companies, which in fact can be compared to a firmware update of your old device. A person who takes pictures of shoes, clothes or any other items for an online store may even be grateful to you for such trifles as controlling camera settings and shutter release via the tablet (Snapp Bridge app) as can you can immediately examine a shot on the tablet and evaluate if it is good or not. In addition, there are many applications allowing you to make a minimal color correction and retouching.

Other photographers who are mainly engaged in shooting weddings and different events can post their pictures in social networks directly from shooting location, even with the geo – a kind of a photo report. But what about the fact that the cheapest smartphones up to $ 100 have a built-in Wi Fi and GPS and are able to synchronize with the other smartphones via apps. It is too late to surprise with such things, they must be everywhere. And as we are talking about the same photographic technique you need to surprise with the image quality and preservation of this quality whether at ISO increase or at continuous shooting.

So, we believe firmly that Nikon just really decided to put aside the most interesting fact for the next model, namely the Nikon D5700.

Let’s analyze what we already have and what to expect. A connection means via Snapp Bridge and Wi Fi are already added, hoping it would not be removed, as they did with the built-in GPS in D5500 and D5600. There are chances that they will return it back. We also expect D5700 to develop more in terms of image quality. What we wanted from the previous model can delight us in a new model – a processor of a new generation EXPEED 5, which generally increase both the image quality and the dynamic range.

Given that we are talking about the camera, not related to the top-class, it is likely that 90% of the characteristics remain in their place. The shutter speed remains within a range of 1/4000 to 30 seconds, the frame rate jpeg – 5 shots per sec, RAW – 4 shots per sec.

There is no point in having a low-pass filter for this camera. It’s not even the camera itself, and those who buy it. If you are a commercial photographer who makes money, then you are likely to choose between the Nikon D750 and D810, or other recent model in which you look for the presence, the absence, the necessity of a low-pass filter. The same applies to most other features, the paradox is that they are important, but their potential can be unlocked only on cameras and lenses of previous series, which cost as twice as the Nikon D5700 Body or even more, but play just a marketing role. The detector of auto focus Multi-Cam 4800DX with 39 focus points, nine of which are of a cross-type and are used in a series 5 *** starting with Nikon D5200 and we are almost sure that it will be installed in D5700 and hence the sensitivity of the auto focus will remain with the same range from -1EV to + 19EV at ISO 100 and at an ambient temperature of 20℃. The resolution is 24.2 MP (6000 by 4000 pixels). And again, the autofocus will work unstably in dark lenses in more or less normal light, and sometimes it even does not work.

Due to the advent of Snapp Bridge in D5600 infrared sensor, which received signals from the remote control, disappeared. Nikon decided that it makes no sense, because now the smartphone will perform all its functions. But, in our opinion, for example, it is not always convenient and safe to use a smartphone at the cost of $ 1,000 as a remote control near a waterfall. So, we hope that we will be heard.

What concerns the buffer capacity we can simply remain silent, it remains small, it is not that camera class, from which we should not expect this kind of improvement.


4K video resolution in the Nikon D5700


Recording resolution of video clips as 4K (3840×2160) also has a small probability, though it would be very helpful at the camera with a rotating screen. Hopefully, this update may fully rehabilitate the failure of D5600


The price of Nikon D5700 Body and release date


The price of a new Nikon D5700 and Body as one set will be about $ 1050, but with 15-55 Kit lens the price will be about 1150 $. The release date is planned for the first half of 2018


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