Canon EOS 7D Mark 3 (iii) release date, price, specs

Canon EOS 7D Mark II was released on September 15, 2014. At that time, the novelty established itself among both amateurs and professionals. Superalloy of the body and instant shooting (10 shots per second) allow using this camera in different conditions both for shooting static objects and sport events. A high price for DX cameras ($ 1200 – the price is more typical for full-frame cameras) caused many arguments. Now Canon EOS 7D Mark III is rumored to be under development.


Canon 7D Mark 3 (iii)


Review of Canon EOS 7D Mark III


7D Mark III will receive the Dual DIGIC 6+ processor. By now the full-frame flagship 1Dx Mk II has this kind of processor. In fact, 20.2 megapixels, which 7D Mk II had, would be enough, but perhaps the new model will use a 24.2 megapixel sensor. The number of focus points remains the same, namely 65. Importantly, each point is of a cross type, which allows you to focus basing on the sensor of horizontal and vertical lines simultaneously. And the lower limit of the ambient light, which helps you to focus precisely, is likely to be lowered up to -4 EV. It means that now you can get a fast and accurate focus almost in the moonlight. The camera will be equipped with a 216-zone metering sensor of exposure with a resolution of 360,000 pixels. Like in the previous model, this camera will also be equipped with sensor flickers. They will help to avoid the influence of flickering light on white balance and exposure of the shot. ISO range will be upgraded up to 100-102400. The angle of viewfinder will remain 100 %.


Considering that the new model will be equipped with Dual DIGIC 6+, there is a great probability of video recording in 4k resolution with a frequency of 60 shots per second. There will be a built-in WI-FI module like in 7D Mark III, which will allow exchanging data more quickly and easier. Like the previous model, the Canon EOS 7D Mark III will have a built-in GPS module, which will allow you to add geo-tags (latitude, longitude, altitude above the sea level, etc.) in your photos and to your videos. The shooting speed will become up to 11 shots per second and two slots for memory cards will help to use it to the full. The battery charge level will be enough to make approximately 650 shots.


The price of the camera is about $ 1350 in a complete set with body. So before buying, thoroughly consider your choice: perhaps, it is not worth it. The camera is very good, but for this money, you can find a better one for many purposes.




Canon EOS 7D Mark III would be very cool camera among its DX – competitors

Canon EOS 7D Mark III will be a very posh camera among its DX competitors. An incredibly firm body 7D Mark III will allow its using in a wide range of locations and weather conditions. If the camera is meant for reportage shooting which requires the high speed of shots per second, but there is a limit of money, this camera is going to be the best option. However, the most important factor that influences the customer’s choice in this case is the price. Ant the price of 7D Mark III competes with the price of full-frame cameras. In most cases, those, who exactly know what they want and from what they need to refuse, will buy this camera. It has almost all benefits of advanced cameras of FX-format, such as the shooting speed – 11 shots per second, 65 focusing points of cross-type, a high performance of the viewfinder (100% of the live viewing area of the frame), a wide range of light exposure when the camera can focus, etc. Still, Canon EOS 7D Mark III is not an FX and not everyone can afford to pay for it. Amateurs are likely to ignore this camera, because it has too many features, which they simply do not need in the beginning, but they will have to pay for them buying this camera.

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