Review of Canon EOS 90D, release date, price

In the beginning of 2016 Canon proposed a quite qualitative and interesting product and in this way substantially raised the bar for the next model Сanon EOS 90D. 80D appeared to be for those enthusiasts that prefer ‘charged’ by all characteristics crop-camera to the second hand full-frame camera. And it is not unreasonable because if you don’t consider small depth of sharpness as a priority, then as for the rest this camera greatly surpasses the second hand full frame.

On the one hand, due to marketing purposes the company does not find it profitable to release Canon EOS 90D quickly; moreover, they significantly improved their previous model. But now Sony is picking up again by producing better and better products at reasonable prices. For photographers it is only a plus, as the competition destroys the monopoly and instead of waiting for 2-3 years for the release of new models, in which they would increase the stop ISO in 1 and add 2-4 megapixels in resolution, you should expect really something worthwhile. On this account, there have already been rumors about the technical characteristics and capabilities of Canon EOS 90D.


Review of Canon EOS 90D


From hearsay, Canon EOS 90 (D) will receive a processor of a new generation – digic 7, which is already under development. It is hard to imagine how the picture quality can be improved when there already exists a digic 6 and 6+, taking really excellent shots.

Now from generation to generation processors essentially grow in speed of the data processing, received from a matrix, and it is almost impossible to feel the difference in quality between the two neighbouring generations even in top optics.

Canon EOS 90D will have resolution of 28 mpx compared to 80D with 24.2 mpx. Given the fact that the novelty will be equipped with a technology Dual pixel CMOS AF developed by Canon, even insignificant increase in resolution will give its benefit. As is well-known, this technology implies a pixel location consisting of two independent diodes all over the surface of the matrix.

Effective coverage is 80% of the surface of the matrix (vertical and horizontal). Compared to 24.2 mpx in the sensor with 28 mpx, pixel density is higher and respectively under the same conditions and the same shooting distance to the object, the number of effectively working for phase detection autofocus is increasing.


Video recording

For those who are engaged in video recording and does it with the help of a SLR camera but not with 80D, Canon EOS 90D is a real discovery. The most important features, which will significantly facilitate the recording process, are worth paying attention to. To begin with, with STM-lenses Canon EOS 90D can record video using the tracking focus in 4K resolutions, 1080p 60fps and 720p 120fps. Connector for the microphone, which appeared in the 80D and is designed for monitoring the recording process, will remain in the new model. The ability to remotely control the shooting parameters using a smartphone or a tablet allow getting rid of heaps of bulky equipment and unwanted cables.

At first glance, GPS function especially for a newbie seems unnecessary, but the experienced photographers can assure you in the opposite. When you immerse yourself in the shooting process and the size of the folder with your pictures increases daily, after a while you just begin to forget some places of which you could take pictures while passing by. A geotag will not let you forget the exact location of each of your shots.

Of course, Canon EOS 90D will not remain without wi-fi, as there would be no talk of the remote control of the camera. Just thanks to wi-fi you are not waiting until you get home but you can begin the initial phase of sifting defective snapshots. In general, wireless communication with the camera and the application that allows you to take pictures in a comfortable position and immediately view them greatly save your time, for example when taking thematic pictures. There are often situations when you need to photograph away from home and there is no possibility to use a laptop. In this case, a camera and a tablet will make your work easier.

The maximum value of matrix photosensitivity (ISO) will reach 51200. But this is not a serious improvement as more than 3200 values are rarely used on crop-cameras.

The AF system of Canon EOS 90D will remain of 45-points all of which is of a cross type.


Release date of Canon EOS 90D


We expect the release date of Canon EOS 90D to be at the end of 2018, but as it has already been said, the actions of competitors are likely to influence the final decision.


The price of Canon EOS 90D


The price of Canon EOS 90D in set with the body will be similar to that of 80D and will be about $1200-1300.



Canon 90 D

We got used to the fact that when buying a camera of the same line there is no sense in passing on the following model. The matter is that the difference between two neighbouring in the line models is often so small that it is not worth it. The main customers in this case are people who looking at the range of cameras and their price, are willing to overpay extra $100, but to get straight the latest model. However, the camera has a very serious performance and it costs much money for an amateur level. Therefore, we can assume that if a new model is not updated it can fall in sales. Thus, something interesting is awaiting us, something about which there is no gossip yet.

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